Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Day one! - Springer Mountain - Georgia.
April 17th and we're under way!
Mile 'Zero'

The 'Trail'

A 'walk thru' building - the only one on the trail!

Beautiful sunset (what you can see of it!)

A trail hostel - roughing it!
Fellow hikers!

'Susan' a 'section hiker' coming out with Darrell




'Coaches Corner'

Hitting the road - April 5th

The 'Diesel rigs' need to stick together!
My next 'toy' - (unfortunately it wasn't for sale)

The traditional 'New Boots' purchase
'White Sands National Monument' - miles of Gypsum dunes
Carlsbad caverns....Awesome!.....Huge
Guadalupe peak ..(.highest point in texas)
Guadalupe Mountains - 'Devils' Hallway'

Sandy on the 'Rio Grande' ...Mexico on the other side of the river

First rattlesnake sighting ...courtesy John and Sandy!

Cheers until the next post!





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