Wednesday, April 30, 2014


166 miles done......2015 miles to go!

The trail.....Still early in the year - Trees have not 'greened up' yet.


Must be a story here somewhere....

Never did see it!

'Wayah' Bald lookout tower
(the towers are called 'balds'!.....don't know why)_

'Wesser' bald

'Mt Albert' Bald

View from 'Mt. Albert' bald

Dinner time at a shelter....filtering water.
(These guys were from Auburn, Alabama)

Fellow hiker....'Hob'

The 'Spice Merchants'

Time out for a civilized lunch

Watching a few kayakers having fun.

Continuing on through the 'Rhodo' forests...(not blooming yet) stop...Fontana Dam and some time out!


'Chilling' in New Orleans

'Daniel Boone' - territory.....Cumberland Gap
(the pass through the Appalachians to Kentucky) 

'Daniel Boone' had to go over the top.....
...We went through......a one mile tunnel to the other side.
'Mammoth caves Nat. Park' -Kentucky -  400+ miles of passages
through the limestone.....Awesome!
My new 'strat'.....will have to ship it home
Won't fit in the car!
The line up at the 'Grand Old Opry' - April 26th

A packed house....
'Chris Janson'.... a new , young, energetic, rising star.....
Should go far!
And back to Fontana Dam to wait for Darrell!

Till next post!!


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