Saturday, June 7, 2014


724 MILES DONE......1457 TO GO


Angie in the rain....Umbrellas are perfect for this.
There's very little wind down in the trees.

(walking through the 'Green Tunnel' - always enclosed - always green - no views!
- apparently this drives some hikers nuts towards the end! )

But it's not all 'Tunnel'......there are fields!
Old barns!....
Ancient Schoolhouses!....
..complete with a 'punishment' chart!
A memorial to America's most decorated war hero! - Audie Leon Murphy!
(unfortunately he crashed into the mountain near the
Appalachian Trail...hence the memorial)
A 'Ukulele' plying AT hiker.....She was pretty good! 
We meet up with 'Hob' again!
(Hob = 'Hike Or Bike')
'Hob' is an experienced AT thru hiker and
demonstrates proper 'log crossing' technique!
Entering the 'Rhodo zone'
That's OK with Angie....she likes 'Rhodos'
'Hob' says he likes 'Rhodos' too.....
(Unfortunately the evidence does not support this!)
A rare glimpse at the Virginian country side - It is very pretty!
Some more of the 'green'.....It's all green!
Angie finds a friend.... a Turtle.....there are quite a few down here!
And a 'Black' snake - non-poisonous
- doesn't like to move out of the way!
And Darrell still has this 'thing' about banjos.......

"Come on out!...I'll cut you off at the knees!......"


A pastoral scene - very typical - very nostalgic - a classic.
A tree of course.....not sure what this is all about!
An invitation to come in for a cup of coffee??
A campground all to ourselves again!
A good reason for not sleeping 'cowboy' style!

An other good reason!

I just 'assumed' they don't  bite.
A First for us...'Fireflies' or 'Lightning bugs'

 Always wanted to see these and now we had!
(They are very bright but intermittent so you need a
time exposure picture to get photos like the one above) 

Here's the culprit.
A poor pictures but a very cute scene.....'Bambi' was very young...
still wobbly on her legs.....but very hungry!
We join Darrell on segments of the we are climbing the 'Dragon's tooth'
JR on top of the 'Tooth'
An other interesting hike - to 'McAfee knob'
- the signature scene of the Appalachian trail!

This is Darrell on top 


June 6th - 70th anniversary of D-Day

The local town of 'Bedford' suffered the highest loss (proportionally)
- 19 of 35 Bedford's young soldiers lost their lives on that Day

America chose Bedford to build a memorial to those young men (above)

We need to remember the debt we owe these boys!


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